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Garage Door Screen Lafayette LA

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Garage door screens

Your garage is a great space to work in, play in, or use as a gathering spot for family. Unfortunately, when you open your garage door to let the fresh air come in, so do the bugs. There is a solution.

A retractable screen door from Garage Gear Solutions is a screen door that mounts on a track beneath your regular garage door. After you open your garage door, you can easily lower the spring-loaded Lifestyle door into position. An optional sliding door-in-the-door allows easy exit and entry. Screen doors are available for single or double garages.

These systems work with your existing garage door, so there is no need to modify your current door.

Enjoy the outdoors – indoors – with your garage screen door. And, keep the pests out.

A great solution for parties and family get-togethers. Why not use the largest room of your house?

Garage Door Screen Lafayette LA

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